Elazığ is a city in the Elazığ Province of eastern Turkey and the seat of the province. It has a population of 266,495 (2000 census). The city is 1067 meters above sea level. The area near Elazığ has been settled for centuries.

An ancient town and citadel called Kharput (Kharpert) which means "rocky fortress," was built about three miles from modern Elazığ. However, there is very little written about this city. While Harput is still settled today, due to its high elevation and lack of water, it is slowly abandoned, with most residents moving to Elazığ. Harput still has about 30,000 inhabitants

Elazığ today is the capital of the Elazığ province, a bustling city with a university and an industrial base, although historic monuments are understandably scarce.

Elazığ Province is surrounded by the Euphrates (Fırat Nehri) in the north, and since the completion of Keban Dam the rivers came to cover almost ten percent of the surface area (826 km²) of the province (8,455 km²). Elazığ's adjacent province borders are with: Tunceli (North), Erzincan (North-West), Bingöl (East), Diyarbakır (South), and Malatya (West).

The main product of the area is Marble Producing, Food Producing, Wine and other Agricultural products.












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